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Not just a performance...

It’s all about positive outcomes, and there’s no better speaker for positive change than Jeffrey Tobin. He’s revolutionary. And he will customize his presentation for your event and theme.

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beyond engagement:
give them what they live for

It’s true: conventional employee engagement philosophies don’t work. With all of the videos, books, and even the acumen of myriad “thought leaders,” one has to ask the question, “Why has it failed?”

Jeffrey’s new approach goes far beyond employee engagement. And leaders who seek solutions seek him out.

Get more than  answers… more than new ideas. Hire the person who provides today’s sought-after outcomes.

Beyond goals:
give them what they really need

Most people have some idea of their personal goals.  But most remain unmotivated. When audience members learn the amazing secret of how to think about them, those same goals become the fire and catalyst to energizing their work lives like never before.

Jeffrey’s life-changing Omega Question™ changes lives at a deep level. And he’ll show you how your leadership can use his unconventional concepts to blow away your competition.

Beyond money:
Give them what they really want

It’s all changed. For today’s employees, money isn’t the object. It’s a means to an end.  That end isn’t to make money. It’s to make a difference.

Jeffrey shows you why making a difference is so important to your employees, and how to connect those dreams to your organization. After Jeffrey’s presentation, participants will walk away knowing why they want to stay with your company… and how helping you reach your goals helps them to achieve their dreams.


Three decades as an entrepreneur. Two decades speaking and teaching from experience. One very cool guy! Jeffrey has been through both the heaven and hell of entrepreneurship. Few can speak about leadership at his level of expertise… or express it with such passion.

Let’s face it, most speakers are the same. They ask people to raise their hands, use boring Powerpoints… you know the drill. But from the second Jeffrey steps on stage, your audience won’t be able to take their eyes off of him. His great insights and compelling stories keep audiences hooked. This is engagement at its finest. Decades of experience on the stage, in business, and leadership: Jeffrey Tobin is one of a kind. And your audience will thank you.


For decades, leadership has been told the same old, worn-out clichés about how to achieve success. But those archaic rules just don’t work anymore. Today’s leaders know they’re doing it all wrong, and they’re crying out for solutions. Inspired entrepreneurs and spirited leaders are coming to Jeffrey Tobin to find those answers. It’s Jeffrey’s The Omega Question™ that turns leaders… into legends. His is the one simple concept that changes everything. And it’s the reason you need thought leader Jeffrey Tobin right now.


Integrity matters. When you need a reliable speaker, don’t leave things to chance. Jeffrey will be where he’s supposed to be, doing the things he’s supposed to be doing, and ready to help you shine. He has no boilerplate speeches; he’ll study your audience to create an authentic presentation that’s targeted right at their heads and their hearts. Here’s what to expect from Jeffrey. He’ll be: 

  • in constant communication with you
  • yours for the day
  • prepared: He’ll know your audience deeply
  • focused, serving your specific needs
  • on site early and will stay late
  • absolutely reliable

What people are saying about Jeffrey Tobin…

Reactions from
Meeting Professionals…

“His lively presentation generated more positive comments than we’ve had for any presenter, ever!”

“He has built his reputation on responsiveness, reliability and integrity. He knows that his best marketing tool is to do a fantastic job for you.”

“Jeffrey focuses his attention on the needs and expectations of the meeting planner.”

“His was the most relatable presentation I’ve had all year.”

“Great energy. He kept everyone’s attention!”

“Interactive, informative, humorous, stimulating and above all, applicable.”

“His method provides a great set of original and unique tools. His presentation style is both engaging and a lot of fun.”

“Great fun! New and extraordinary thinking. [We’ll] bring him back next year!”

“Be prepared for questions; suiting his presentations to your needs is of utmost importance.”

“Book him!”

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For availability, it’s best to book Jeffrey
at least 6 months in advance.

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